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Top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer

Top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer 0

School’s out for summer! But while your children may be celebrating summer vacation, you may be left wondering how you’re going to keep them occupied for the next couple of months. We all love our children - we really and truly do – but sometimes we need a much deserved break. Even if only for a few hours. Luckily for you, Twiggle Toys has a few STEAM related options that will not only teach your child a new skill, but keep them busy for long periods of time. Let’s get to it!


  1. Best Friend Bracelets by Spicebox

Looking for a quiet activity to engage your child’s creative side? Teaching them how to make friendship bracelets may be the activity you’re looking for! What is great about making bracelets is it requires focus and concentration while encouraging children to explore their creativity. Don’t know how to make bracelets? This kit comes with friendship bracelet patterns that are easy to follow and help teach the DIY aspect of making a bracelet. Nothing is better than a homemade bracelet when it is made from the heart to give to friends or family. Have a friend coming over? Include them in the fun! Making best friend bracelets is more fun with your best friend!


  1. All-Natural Spa Day by SmartLab

Do you have a creative child who loves to combine science with their artistic abilities? Look no further! This home spa kit is all-natural and all-consuming fun! Your child can create their own spa day with 3 other friends which could last the entire day, perfect for a much needed break. The fun of the natural spa is two-fold. First, kids will enjoy making and designing their spa products. Next, it will be time to enjoy them! Using basic chemistry and their own imagination, they will be able to create their own relaxing atmosphere. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up enjoying some of their creations yourself! Extra perk for you!


  1. Hydraulic Arm Edge by Elenco

    This robotic arm is aimed for kids 10 and up. Why is this hydraulic project included on our list of time consuming toys? It includes 229 parts to assemble and includes in-depth instructions on how to assemble it! If that doesn’t keep your child busy, I don’t know what will. What we love about this robotic arm kit is it uses hydraulic power to use it. The hydraulic mechanical arm can open and close, rotate and move horizontally and vertically. Hydraulic Arm Edge is the perfect toy for the mechanically inclined child! Nothing teaches a skill like building a robotic arm!


      1. STEM Robotics ERP Mini by Elenco

      Looking for robot kits for kids? Here’s one! STEM Robotics ERP Mini introduces robot programming and assembly in an interesting and fun way for young kids! These educational robots offer various programming options depending on the level of knowledge your child has on the subject. Let them show off their amazing programming skills by manually inputting commands into the software. You don’t even need to use a computer! The software is user-friendly, perfect for young minds. Not sure how to go about programming quite yet? These robots come with pre-recorded programs that are easy to set up once the robots are assembled. What a perfect way to engage your child in robotics and keep them busy all summer long!


        1. Marble Run by MindWare

        One of our staff’s favourite Marble Run games! This Marble Run toy by MindWare is a classic. Children enjoy engineering and building the craziest tracks for their marbles. The best part? The concept is simple and does not require parental help whatsoever. There is something about marble games that create hours upon hours of entertainment. The simplicity of dropping the little marble ball into the marble maze has every kid begging for more! Luckily, the marble track has endless combinations and possibilities – it’s never the same track twice! As far as summer-time boredom goes, Marble Run is a 10/10 for keeping kids occupied.


        This ends our list of top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer! With everything Twiggle Toys has to offer, your child’s summer vacation can be spent learning as well as having fun. Make STEAM education part of everyday life and inspire new skills and interests.

        Best Toys for Birthdays in June

        Best Toys for Birthdays in June 0

        Happy Birthday to all the kids in June! We sell unique and educational STEM toys, although we are a big proponent of adding Art in the mix since we believe it is important too. Be sure to check out our website for all the toys we carry. We want to make it easy for parents to buy toys for their kids, so here we are compiling a list of our favorite toys for birthdays in June. Let’s get started:


        1. GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscope

        Summer is almost here in Canada, so we are starting everything with a toy that lets you play outside and use your imagination. Kids will love this periscope as it allows them to see things from a higher perspective. They could pretend they’re in a submarine, or look for bird’s nests in a tree! The Periscope is part of our Science toys since it allows kids explore nature at any time of day (it has an LED light for night time!). This toy can have endless uses in the hands of imaginative kids. So what are you waiting for? This toy is perfect! Recommended age: 4 and up


        1. GeoSafari Jr Subscope

        This subscope is a variation of the periscope above. This science toy is also for kids age 4 and up, and it takes the fun underwater. The subscope works like a periscope in many ways, but lets you take a closer look at all the fun things you might find underwater. It’s perfect for kids that love to play in a pool, or on the beach. Kids will have a lot of fun exploring the depths below with this 2x magnification subscope with LED lights.


        1. Tea Time Paint & Pretend

        Let the party begin! This Art toy lets any child come up with their own design for their next tea party. Included in this art kit is everything you need like paint, brushes, and a completely blank tea set as their canvas. Spark creativity and imagination by having your kids paint to their hearts content, and keep that memory forever. After painting, you can put the set in the oven to solidify the paint so it stays on the tableware. Once it has had time to cool, everyone will want to come to your kid’s tea party with such an awesome and custom set. We do not recommend using this as real tableware, if you put the tea set through the dishwasher the paint may come off. Recommended age: 3 and up


        1. Paint Your Own Porcelain Plates

        This is another art kit that is meant to create an endless amount of fun even after the craft portion of the kit is finished. Similar to Tea Time Paint & Pretend, this art kit lets any kid paint and create any design on a porcelain plate. This kit is also perfect as a group activity, where parents and children can have fun together, or your kids and a few friends can spend the afternoon having a blast. Follow the instructions after everyone is done painting, put them in the oven, and keep this art piece forever. These original designed plates are great conversation starters! Similarly to the toy above, we do not recommend you use these as real plates. These are meant to be decorative, and if you wash them, the paint could possibly come off. Recommended age: 6 and up


        1. Engineering & Design: Building Set Playground

        This last engineering toy is meant to help kids learn how to build and engineer their own playground! What better way to spark their imagination than using one of their favorite places as their inspiration. Follow the instruction cards or create a playground from scratch to re-live every exciting moment you have outside! From slides to swings, your child can enjoy creating their ideal playground. Engineering has never been more fun. Recommended age: 5 and up


        Have your kids learn that STEM fields exist and how much fun they can be. Happy birthday to all the kids this month! Summer is just around the corner, and learning while having fun is always in season.

        Twiggle Toys is the best source of STEM toys in Canada.

        Top 7 STEM toys for May Birthdays

        Top 7 STEM toys for May Birthdays 0

        Have a kid’s birthday coming up? It’s always hard trying to take time out of your day to try and find a good gift for your child’s friend, or maybe you are looking for that perfect toy for your own child. Whichever the case may be, Twiggle Toys has you covered when it comes to cool toys that any kid would love. Here are 7 hand-picked toys for any birthdays coming up for the month of May.


        1. All Natural Spa Day

        This interesting kit has all the makings of a great day for 1 kid and 3 friends. This Spa Day Kit gives you instructions to make your own spa at home using what’s inside the box and a few common household ingredients. This kit is recommended for kids 7 years and up, as kids will have to do some basic chemistry and mix ingredients to create the spa products like face masks, body scrubs, and more! It also comes with invitations to invite 3 friends that are going to spend a fun and relaxing day with your child.


        1. Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

        This toy is an awesome way to get kids 5 years and up started in the world of computers and technology with coding! This toy features pieces to build a maze where your child can code a mouse to navigate it. The maze is entirely up to your child’s imagination, and after it’s built, you kid will have to learn to code by pressing the appropriate buttons on top of the mouse to make it solve the maze. This is a basic and great way of teaching kids the concept of coding without actually having to touch a computer or look at screens for hours on end. There is no end to the fun either, as the maze can be changed at any time, your child will be able to code as many times as they want.


        1. Hydraulic Arm Edge

        This is another great tech toy, only this one is for ages 10 and up. Not only is this toy part of the technology category, but it dwells on engineering as well. Your child will actually get to build a fully working hydraulic arm that can move freely and pick up almost anything (including small objects)! Your child will love learning about hydraulics as this robot only requires water to work. I mean, who doesn’t want to build a robotic arm? There’s no batteries, soldering or previous knowledge required, you just snap parts together and learn as you go with the instruction manual.


        1. Origami Creations

        Origami Creations is a great art kit for kids age 8 and up. This kit will teach you everything anyone would ever want to know about origami. From origami’s history, to the name of every fold you will make, this is a complete learning kit for this calming and fun art. You can make an elephant, a ninja star, a rocket, and many more that will create many hours of fun. Oh! And of course it comes with googly eyes, because every piece of origami art needs googly eyes.


        1. Snap Circuits Jr. Select 130-in-1

        This Snap Circuits toy for ages 8 and up, brings your kid into the world of circuitry. This STEM toy provides your child with the basics on how most technologies nowadays are created. This toys will give your child step by step instructions on how to build a proper circuit system, and how to use it in real world settings. Your kid will be able to make a doorbell, a 2-way light switch, a sound effect machine, and about 130 more projects! With so many experiments to perform, while polishing your circuitry knowledge, this toy will provide hours upon hours of educational entertainment.


        1. Tall-Stacker Numbers Express

        Tall-Stacker Numbers Express is a math toy made for kids ages 3 and up. It is a basic toy that will teach your growing child how to count and do basic addition. This math toy has numbers on train-shaped cards. Your kid will have to recognize each number and stack the appropriate amount of stackers that correspond to the number on the card. As an example, the number 2 train card will have 2 holes in which your kid can place 2 stackers, the number 3 train card will have 3 holes for stackers and so on. It is a great entry toy for math!


        1. Sew Science: Cuddly Critters

        Does your kid know how to sew? Are they interested in electricity? This DIY electronics kit can help your kid answer those questions and more! First, your child will learn how to sew as they follow instructions to create 3 adorable little animals. Then, they will learn about basic circuitry and electricity. Once the critters are sewn, they will light up when they touch hands. Your kids will learn how the special threads used to sew the critters actually conduct electricity and more in the instruction booklet.


        Did you like these toys? Let us know by commenting below. These are just some of the many STEM educational toys we carry. Visit and check out our entire collection. We are sure any kid will have a blast on their birthday with our toys.

        Top 5 STEAM toys for spring 2017!

        Top 5 STEAM toys for spring 2017! 0

        Spring is here! And with that I present you with the top 5 toys you can buy from Twiggle Toys on sale right now. If you haven’t heard, Twiggle Toys is an online store that specializes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) educational toys. Every one of our toys is carefully selected to fit into one of these fields of study so kids of all ages get the chance to learn even more at home. Let’s get to it:


        1.  Electronics Learning Circuits
        Electronics Learning Cicuits

        Electronics Learning Circuits transports any kid ages 8 and up to a world full of electrical discovery and possibilities. This technology kit teaches your child how to electricity works, in a practical way. Transistors, resistors, capacitors, logic circuits, know anything about that? Soon your child will know and will be able to teach you. This kit contains everything you need, including a very detailed but simple to follow manual that will teach you how to create alarms, a timer, or a light detector. There are more than 60 experiments your kid will be able to create and understand using circuits. Best of all, this toy makes learning circuits easy by having the circuit blocks simply snap together. Get your child learning about the basics of how all electronics are made today!

        Sale Price: CAD $ 67  Reg. Price: CAD $75


        1. Gears! Gears! Gears! Robot Factory Building Set
        gears! gears! gears! robot factory building set

        This fun engineering toy is full of, you guessed it, gears! This particular toy is for kids ages 3 and up. You can join all these different pieces and gears to create anything your kid imagines. All the gears connect to each other, and there are even some special gear handles than when attached to your kids’ creation, move all the gears connected to it in one fluid motion. Your child will love bringing robots along for the ride, which can even be connected to little springs that will stick out and give your kid another dimension of pure fun. They will learn hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as they engineer a fully moving platform filled with springy robots, gears, and imagination.

        Sale Price: CAD $ 54  Reg. Price: CAD $60


        1. Nancy B’s Science Club Mighty Microbes Lab
        Mighty Microbes Lab


        Get your kid more than just a toy, give her an experience with Nancy B’s Science Club. Specifically designed to introduce more girls into the STEM fields, this particular toy of Nancy B’s Science Club teaches children ages 8 and up about microbiology. Keep them active in the science world by following the scientific method on all sorts of experiments concerning bacteria and fungi. The world becomes so big when you are able to understand how small microbes are. Mighty Microbes Lab truly opens the door for a passion in science, a better understanding of the world, and a thirst for knowledge and experimentation that may help your kid in their future career.

        Sale Price: CAD $ 36  Reg. Price: CAD $40


        1. 1-2-3 Knit!
        1-2-3 Knit!

        This art kit will help you child 8 years and up learn everything they need to know when it comes to knitting. This fantastic looking kit, will teach kids step by step how to create hair bows, scarves, and more with an easy to follow instruction booklet. Art is not only about painting, it’s about creating what only you can imagine and project it unto the world. 1-2-3 Knit! will help kids learn to knit with knitting needles, their finger, and even their arms. Be prepared to purchase even more yarn for all the wonderful things your child is going to want to make after learning the fundamentals of knitting. Think of all the fun things your child will make for you!

        Sale Price: CAD $ 15  Reg. Price: CAD $20


        1. Balancing Monkeys
        Balancing Monkey

        Balancing monkeys is a simple but excellent toy for ages 3 and up that will introduce the idea of math to your young one. These monkeys can be attached to the tree however the child would like, but if they want the tree to balance itself out, they will need to know how many go on each side of the tree. Number counting will be taught as well as the idea of balance and fine motor skills. There are only 6 monkeys included in this toy, how many is your child going to need to make the tree perfectly balanced? How many monkeys are there in total? After playing around with this toy, your kid will be able to answer these questions with ease. This toy adds an extra special touch by being built entirely of sustainable wood, so it’s great for helping the environment too!

        Sale Price: CAD $ 28  Reg. Price: CAD $32.50


        These are just some of the many toys available on Twiggle Toys that are for sale for a limited time. Introduce your children to STEAM in a fun and engaging way that will transform the way they think about studying. What are you waiting for? Start shopping! We know you will find something your kids will love.