Top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer

Top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer

School’s out for summer! But while your children may be celebrating summer vacation, you may be left wondering how you’re going to keep them occupied for the next couple of months. We all love our children - we really and truly do – but sometimes we need a much deserved break. Even if only for a few hours. Luckily for you, Twiggle Toys has a few STEAM related options that will not only teach your child a new skill, but keep them busy for long periods of time. Let’s get to it!


  1. Best Friend Bracelets by Spicebox

Looking for a quiet activity to engage your child’s creative side? Teaching them how to make friendship bracelets may be the activity you’re looking for! What is great about making bracelets is it requires focus and concentration while encouraging children to explore their creativity. Don’t know how to make bracelets? This kit comes with friendship bracelet patterns that are easy to follow and help teach the DIY aspect of making a bracelet. Nothing is better than a homemade bracelet when it is made from the heart to give to friends or family. Have a friend coming over? Include them in the fun! Making best friend bracelets is more fun with your best friend!


  1. All-Natural Spa Day by SmartLab

Do you have a creative child who loves to combine science with their artistic abilities? Look no further! This home spa kit is all-natural and all-consuming fun! Your child can create their own spa day with 3 other friends which could last the entire day, perfect for a much needed break. The fun of the natural spa is two-fold. First, kids will enjoy making and designing their spa products. Next, it will be time to enjoy them! Using basic chemistry and their own imagination, they will be able to create their own relaxing atmosphere. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up enjoying some of their creations yourself! Extra perk for you!


  1. Hydraulic Arm Edge by Elenco

    This robotic arm is aimed for kids 10 and up. Why is this hydraulic project included on our list of time consuming toys? It includes 229 parts to assemble and includes in-depth instructions on how to assemble it! If that doesn’t keep your child busy, I don’t know what will. What we love about this robotic arm kit is it uses hydraulic power to use it. The hydraulic mechanical arm can open and close, rotate and move horizontally and vertically. Hydraulic Arm Edge is the perfect toy for the mechanically inclined child! Nothing teaches a skill like building a robotic arm!


      1. STEM Robotics ERP Mini by Elenco

      Looking for robot kits for kids? Here’s one! STEM Robotics ERP Mini introduces robot programming and assembly in an interesting and fun way for young kids! These educational robots offer various programming options depending on the level of knowledge your child has on the subject. Let them show off their amazing programming skills by manually inputting commands into the software. You don’t even need to use a computer! The software is user-friendly, perfect for young minds. Not sure how to go about programming quite yet? These robots come with pre-recorded programs that are easy to set up once the robots are assembled. What a perfect way to engage your child in robotics and keep them busy all summer long!


        1. Marble Run by MindWare

        One of our staff’s favourite Marble Run games! This Marble Run toy by MindWare is a classic. Children enjoy engineering and building the craziest tracks for their marbles. The best part? The concept is simple and does not require parental help whatsoever. There is something about marble games that create hours upon hours of entertainment. The simplicity of dropping the little marble ball into the marble maze has every kid begging for more! Luckily, the marble track has endless combinations and possibilities – it’s never the same track twice! As far as summer-time boredom goes, Marble Run is a 10/10 for keeping kids occupied.


        This ends our list of top 5 toys to keep your kids occupied this summer! With everything Twiggle Toys has to offer, your child’s summer vacation can be spent learning as well as having fun. Make STEAM education part of everyday life and inspire new skills and interests.

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