About Us

We are husband and wife team Mikaila and Jiun, owners of Twiggle Toys!

Our story begins many moons ago when we met in our first year of University. After finishing our studies, we were met with a tough decision. Do we stay in Canada or do we move abroad? We opted for adventure and spent three amazing years living in South America. In those three years we explored the country, enjoyed amazing food and had our beautiful daughter. We longed to be back in Canada and were finally able to make that a reality in August 2016.

Once we landed in Canada, we decided to open our own business. Our most important consideration was our daughter. We did not want to work in a field that would prevent us from spending time together as a family. Then it clicked, why not work in a field we can enjoy together? We love spending time playing with our daughter, so why not make that what we do for a living? The idea of Twiggle Toys was born.

After stumbling onto some really cool toys, we began learning about STEM/STEAM education.  Toys are being made specifically to encourage children to learn skills while they play. We knew then and there that this was something we were passionate about. After many nights of hard work, Twiggle Toys officially launched February 2017.

We hope you join us on our journey as we explore how much fun learning can be!